30 Mar 2009

Census in French Polynesia shows population has doubled in 30 years

6:06 am on 30 March 2009

Census figures in French Polynesia show that in

the past 30 years, the population has doubled to 260,000.

The statistics show that the population has aged, with those younger than 20 years now accounting for only 36 percent of residents as fertility in the past 20 years has dropped by a third.

Life expectancy has increased to 75 years, up almost eight years since 1987.

The figures show that since 2002, population growth has been natural as there has been a migration deficit of 1,000 people.

75 percent of households have a car, half of households have a computer and 70 percent of families own their own home.

Electricity is nearly universal, but eight percent of households lack

running water.

Unemployment is recorded at 11.8 percent.