30 Mar 2009

Criticism may be reason for attack, says Fijian Holdings shareholder

2:42 pm on 30 March 2009

A shareholder in Fijian Holdings says his criticism of the company's multi-million dollar plans to buy BP South-West Pacific may have been the motivation for the bomb attack on his home.

Home-made bombs were hurled at the home of Lieutenant Colonel Sakiusa Raivoce two weeks ago, in one of a series of attacks that are thought to be politically motivated.

The retired army officer is a major shareholder in Fijian Holdings Limited, which he says has a military-appointed board.

He says his criticism of the 109 million US dollar price tag for the company may have been behind the attack.

"It could be linked to that because I have been vocal lately about the purchase. I'm very concerned because an Indian company is going to operate BP Oil for Fijian Holdings and the money required to purchase the company is a huge amount."

Colonel Raivoce says the bomb attack will not deter him from speaking out although he is worried about his family.