31 Mar 2009

Samoa's government reaffirms commitment to RSE scheme

10:06 am on 31 March 2009

The Samoan government has reaffirmed its commitment to New Zealand's RSE scheme despite the recent incident where a worker gave birth on a plane after arriving at Auckland international airport.

In a statement, the government confirmed the woman was a returnee of the joint New Zealand-Samoa Recognised Seasonal Employment scheme, or RSE.

All pre-departure procedures approved by the two governments and involving RSE employers were followed.

The government says RSE returnees who spend less than twelve months in the country are not required to undergo a medical check or submit a medical report.

The woman in question had spent only five months in Samoa between contracts.

After investigations, the statement said, it was determined that neither the parents nor the family of the woman had any knowledge of her pregnancy.

The Government of Samoa will be working with the Government of New Zealand on ways of minimising the likelihood of such an incident from recurring in the future.