31 Mar 2009

IFJ concerned about safety of Fiji media

1:05 pm on 31 March 2009

The International Federation of Journalists has called on Fiji's interim government to put an immediate stop to efforts to shut down the country's media.

This follows the recent call by Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti for the closure of the Fiji Times.

Last week, Col Driti said the Fiji Times was the most non-cooperative and biased newspaper in the country.

But the IFJ has expressed concern for the safety and integrity of Fiji's media.

The IFJ Asia-Pacific Director, Jacqueline Park, says this kind of comment by a high-ranking military officer appears intended to intimidate the media community, and is irresponsible given recent physical attacks on media personnel.

Earlier this month, a homemade bomb was hurled at the home of the paper's editor, Netani Rika.