31 Mar 2009

Hawaii marine mammals meeting highlights importance of global networking

9:32 pm on 31 March 2009

Networking has been one of the key messages conveyed during the second day of the first International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas.

More than 150 delegates from various groups around the world are meeting in Hawaii this week to address their common interests in protecting marine mammals.

The first regional guidelines for responsible whale and dolphin watching across Pacific Islands was launched on the first day of the conference.

Dr Mike Bossley from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society Australasia says the conference has highlighted the importance of networking between participants in order to share information.

"But particularly also networking the actual marine mammal protected areas as well, so that animals may move from area to area and gain protection from different areas, particularly of migratory animals."

Dr Mike Bossley says the conference will also cover ways of making marine protected areas more effective.