1 Apr 2009

Yazaki Samoa employs 120 more workers

9:23 am on 1 April 2009

Samoa's biggest employer, Yazaki Samoa, has employed 120 more workers.

Earlier this year the company laid off some workers with some people opting to take redundancy packages.

A senior company officer says that by the end of February there were only six hundred remaining workers from the 800 previously there.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Misa Telefoni, says the hiring of one hundred more workers is a positive step in government efforts to restore Yazaki's normal operations.

The shipment of wire harnesses to Australia from Yazaki Samoa has increased since the Australian government injected one point two billion dollars into its general motors companies.

Meanwhile Australia's Trade Minister, Michael Green, will visit Samoa this week where he is expected to pay a visit to Yazaki Samoa.