1 Apr 2009

Mini Games committee in Cook Islands plans cuts to marketing

3:13 pm on 1 April 2009

The Chief Executive of the mini games to be held in the Cook Islands, Mac Mokoroa, says they are looking to cut back on marketing because they have not been able to find any regional sponsors to generate revenue for the event.

His comments follow unconfirmed reports that there is a financial shortfall of over a million US dollars in the mini games' budget, a report denied by Mr Mokoroa.

He admits however, they will be going to Cabinet for assistance.

"I don't want to use the word that there is a shortfall all I'm saying is that we've finished our budget we have tightened up our figures its just a matter of taking it into cabinet and for parliament to be passing it in parliament."

Mr Mokoroa says the budget will be looked at through normal budget which is at the end of the financial year and not through the supplementary budget to be passed in parliament tomorrow.