3 Apr 2009

100 people could have died in malaria outbreak in PNG's Southern Highlands

2:51 pm on 3 April 2009

More than 100 people are believed to have died from a malaria outbreak in the Poroma area of the Southern Highlands in Papua New Guinea.

The Post Courier says people it has spoken to say the epidemic, which started last December, has killed many people and prompted serious efforts by the division of health in the province to control mosquitoes.

Southern Highlands health adviser, Thomas Anda, told the paper in Mendi that the outbreak started in December but it was only reported two weeks ago.

Mr Anda said they have sent two teams, one to spray the whole area and the other to administer drugs to every person with malaria to contain the outbreak.

The spray team comprising of 40 men would stay there for two weeks to spray the area while the drug administration team will be in the villages for three days to complete the dosage.