6 Apr 2009

Papuan activist shot dead and others arrested following rallies

6:51 pm on 6 April 2009

One Papuan activist has reportedly been shot and fifteen arrested by Indonesian police after a large rally in Nabire town.

This comes amid arrests and alleged harassment of West Papuan demonstrators by Indonesian security forces following two massive rallies in the region in recent days.

In both of the Papuan towns of Wamena and Nabire, more than ten thousand Papuans took to the streets to call for dialogue on self-determination and for Papuans to boycott the national legislative elections later this week.

West Papuan activists claim that Indonesian police burnt down an emergency shelter in Nabire, and disrupted plans for another rally in the Papuan town.

Meanwhile, moves to hold a rally in Jayapura were also disrupted by police who arrested 14 activists and have placed three of them under subversion-related charges.