7 Apr 2009

American Samoa group says overseas groups raises sexual abuse issue

7:47 am on 7 April 2009

A group in American Samoa working to help victims of sexual abuse says support from overseas groups lifts the awareness of the issue in the territory.

The US based, National Organisation of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault, has visited Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas and American Samoa to hold meetings with government agencies and community groups.

One of the groups they have been working with is the American Samoa Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

That group's secretary, Alu Iuli, says visits from groups such as this are vital:

"It actually drives our work just that little bit further because obviously when you are on an island and when there are visitors or people arrive, there is always that attention so the focus alone has been fantastic in being able to draw the issue to a level where it is much higher in the consciousness of our people."

The Secretary of the American Samoa Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Alu Iuli.