7 Apr 2009

Last Solomons woman MP appreciated PM's gender initiative

1:32 pm on 7 April 2009

Solomon Islands last woman MP, Hilda Kari, says it is good to see the Prime Minister supporting moves to increase women's role in politics.

Derek Sikua says he will be seeking cabinet approval to move immediately to take certain initiatives to improve the status of women in the country, which may include reserved seats.

In the last two general elections, Solomon Islands voters elected no woman candidate.

Hilda Kari says there is work going on at the moment looking at special measures to try and improve the parliamentary participation of women

"What we are happy about is even our Prime Minister is now being supportive. And also there are a few men are supportive of this submission. Hopefully when this submission gets through, it means some changes to our electoral act and maybe the constitution."

Hilda Kari