14 Apr 2009

Calls in Samoa for police inquiry into alleged rape of school girl

7:18 am on 14 April 2009

There are calls in Samoa from several concerned parents for the police to investigate the alleged rape of a school girl in which the alleged offender is the son of a very senior police officer.

The incident is said to have occurred in National University of Samoa's compound during a function to mark the university's 25th anniversary last month.

The assistant police commissioner and spokesman, Papalii Li'o Ta'eu Masipa'u, says the matter has been settled between two families involved and the complaint has been withdrawn.

Although the girl was reportedly admitted to hospital, Papalii says there was no evidence to prove the girl was raped as she could not recall what had happened because she was drunk.

According to a family member, the father of the alleged rapist, who is a senior police officer, and his wife have recently performed a traditional apology in which resulted in the complaint being withdrawn.