14 Apr 2009

NZ's McCully says tough sanctions will be considered against Fiji

9:02 am on 14 April 2009

New Zealand's Minister of Foreign Affairs says he will enter into talks with other Pacific forum members today as the nations consider sanctions against Fiji.

Fiji's is in political turmoil following its President's decision to repeal the constitution, sack the judiciary and impose media blackouts, a situation that the minister, Murray McCully, says could not get much worse for the Fijian people.

He says tough sanctions will be considered.

"We there are some other things which could be done but they will involve difficult judgments about impacting on the ability of people to trade and travel, it carries a cost for them as there no trade sanction for example between New Zealand and Fiji. It is not under consideration yet but we will be talking to the Forum and other countries, particular Australia and PNG."

Murray McCully says another option is restricting the ability for New Zealanders to travel to Fiji, although he would be reluctant to impose such rules.