16 Apr 2009

NZ engineer has hurdles before war museum Vanuatu is set up

10:49 am on 16 April 2009

A New Zealand engineer who is planning to build a World War Two museum in Vanuatu may face some hurdles before it is established.

The Vanuatu National Cultural Council has approved Dean Perkins' plans to preserve World War Two relics by housing them in a museum in Port Vila.

The Director of the Council, Ralph Regenvanu says the museum is to be set up with artifacts sourced from Mr Perkin's collection in New Zealand.

"He is not allowed to take relics from inside Vanuatu to use in his museum. However he can, in certain circumstances, with the permission from the council, he can remove certain artifacts from areas in Vanuatu to put in the museum. But we have to approve those on an individual case by case basis."

Ralph Regenvanu says the museum could create economic and educational benefits for residents in Port Vila.