16 Apr 2009

American Samoa Hawaii Cable company is on target

11:44 am on 16 April 2009

The American Samoa Hawaii Cable company, is on target to connect the phone companies American Samoa Telecommunication Authority, Blue Sky and Samoa Tel in Samoa to the undersea fiber optic cable today.

The cable laying ship has finished its portion of the work with the successful laying of the Pago Pago to Apia segment of the cable.

The American Samoa Government is investing 9 million US dollars on the fiber optic cable.

Consultant for the project Barry Rose gave a progress report on the project .

"We are in an act of testing phase now for the cable between Hawaii and American Samoa, and American Samoa and Samoa are being tested and we are on schedule and once the testing is completed on those two portions of the cable, the cable will then be completed on each end of the carriers, and then once this occurs the carriers will then begin their testing on their systems, including the connection to the internet and the world wide web and Hawaii."

Barry Rose says it is anticipated that it will take a minimum of several weeks for the carriers to complete full testing and begin to offer services on the cable to their customers.