16 Apr 2009

Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau hopes tourists will go there instead of Fiji

11:58 am on 16 April 2009

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau says the current political situation in Fiji is having an impact on their tourism industry with more tourists going elsewhere.

The Solomon Star reports the Bureau's General Manager Michael Tokuru saying it is also expressing sympathy with Fiji because it's going to make work harder for them.

Mr Tokuru says the latest twist of events in Fiji is not going to make their work easier.

The paper reports Mr Tokuru saying the current unfortunate situation in Fiji presents a greater window of opportunity for tourism growth in other holiday destinations in the South Pacific region including Solomon Islands.

He says he has no doubt in mind that as a result of the latest events in Fiji a number of visitors from Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere who normally spend their holidays in Fiji will now seriously consider other holiday destinations including Solomon Islands in 2009 and 2010.