20 Apr 2009

PNG's Foreign Minister says PNG is committed to fighting people trafficking

9:18 am on 20 April 2009

Papua New Guinea's Foreign Minister says PNG is committed to all efforts in the Asia Pacific region undertaken to counter people trafficking, smuggling and other related transnational crime at all levels.

Sam Abal says PNG has made serious headway in addressing these issues by adopting certain measures.

He says these measures include the establishment of the transnational crimes Police Unit to deal with money laundering, smuggling of arms and contraband assistance of the Australian Federal Police.

Sam Abal also added that the Transnational Crimes Act had been enacted to facilitate the functions and powers of the police unit, while the Mutual Assistance Act provides for extra-territorial prosecutions and assistance from other countries.

Mr Abal also says the Government will review and develop a more comprehensive approach to the trafficking and smuggling of people.

The paper, the Post Courier says the minister made the comments recently at a the Third Regional Ministerial Conference on People and Smuggling, Trafficking in persons and Related Transnational Crimes held in Indonesia.