22 Apr 2009

Fiji regime says exceptions possible in retirement drive

3:57 pm on 22 April 2009

The Fiji military commander, Frank Bainimarama, says exceptions will be made among those who are 55 or older and forced to retire by the end of the month.

A decree issued after the abolition of the constitution terminates public servants' careers once they turn 55 - a move certain to affect hundreds of individuals.

Commodore Bainiamarama, who is also the interim prime minister and who turns 55 next week, has told Radio Tarana in Auckland that some people will be exempt.

"It does not necessarily mean that everyone is going top be retired at 55. There is already a criterium tirium in place which would enable people with skills to be retained on contract for up to 12 months."

Some positions are open for longer periods, with the military commander being allowed to stay for a renewable five-year term after the age of 55.