23 Apr 2009

Fiji NFP leader says people feel helpless after legal system's abolition

1:31 pm on 23 April 2009

The leader of the National Federation Party in Fiji, Pramod Rae, says people in the country feel helpless.

The constitution has been abrogated and the interim government rules by decree.

On the third day of the resumption of the court system, only a magistrates court is operating, hearing mostly minor cases.

Mr Rae says because of the military-led government's crackdown on the media, people are frightened to speak out.

"The abrogation of the constitution, the abolition of the court system and the failure of the regime to assemble a replacement structure within reasonable time - these are really frightening times we are living in, depressing. People really feel let down."

Pramod Rae says people are also suffering financially, with daily problems like lack of water and electricity.