23 Apr 2009

American Samoa Chamber of Commerce welcomes new time punch-in system

6:14 pm on 23 April 2009

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says a new system whereby government employees will use a punch-in time clock is one of a number of badly needed, overdue reforms.

The Treasurer, who issued the directive for the use of time clocks rather than time sheets from May the 31st, says widespread abuse of the old system is behind the change.

The chamber's president, David Robinson, says productivity has been a problem in some government departments.

"There've been quite a number of reforms that are required in government which are well overdue and the private sector is very heartened by the fact that the newly appointed treasurer in this administration is taking a lot of steps, a lot of measures to improve and to implement new systems which will improve the productivity of areas in the public service."

David Robinson says any improvement in productivity, efficiency and in dealing with issues will be greatly welcomed by the private sector.

He says the sector's started working more closely with the government, which will benefit the economy and make American Samoa a more attractive place in which to do business.