28 Apr 2009

Fiji police hold five men under emergency rules

11:00 am on 28 April 2009

The police in Fiji have arrested five men allegedly connected with what police are describing as destabilising activities.

The group has been held for two or three days.

The Director of Police Operations, Senior Superintendent, Waisea Tabakau, says investigations are continuing.

He says among the five is Iliesa Duvuloco and two other well known political figures.

Superintendent Tabakau says the five were held after pamphlets were distributed outside the urban areas.

He says they cannot allow activities that would disrupt what he called normalcy.

Earlier yesterday, he spoke to Philippa Tolley about the benefits he saw for keeping public calm in the emergency regulations

"The emergency regulation is really very much touching on the public order and public safety issues, and it really assists us in our law enforcement and the maintenance of law and order in the country. It has given us a few additional powers in terms of addressing public order issues and public safety issues [question: which ones of of those extra powers are particularly helpful?] Well, the powers in detention and the arrest of offenders."

The Director of Police Operations in Fiji, Senior Superintendent, Waisea Tabakau.