28 Apr 2009

Fiji public kept in dark about emergency regulations - lawyer

7:02 pm on 28 April 2009

A leading Fiji Lawyer says the general population is probably unaware of exactly what they can and can't do under the current emergency regulations.

At least five people are being held under the emergency laws in connection with allegedly distributing anti-government pamphlets.

Graham Leung says the there's not a lot of clarity, or information being disseminated about these laws.

"I think the broad understanding of the population is that someone has said there's an emergency and you are not supposed to do certain things like congregating in groups of larger than three for which you might need a permit. Beyond that most of the details and the nitty gritty would be lost on the general population."

Graham Leung says most people are more worried about putting food on the table than legislation that's being put out at midnight.