28 Apr 2009

Fiji regime will consider extending emergency regulations beyond May 10th

7:05 pm on 28 April 2009

Fiji's government spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni says a review of the current emergency regulations will go ahead a few days before they are due to run out on May the tenth.

At least five people have been arrested in connection with allegedly distributing anti-government pamphlets.

Megan Whelan reports from Suva.

"The government's spokesman says the 5 people were arrested at the weekend in relation to pamphlets printed in Fijian carrying political messages. Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni says the pamplets were inciting. He will not confirm how many people are being held in relation to the leaflets, or if anyone else is being held under the emergency regulations. Lt Col Leweni says he does not want to give the case a lot of prominence, as he says it is just like any other. He says a few days before the tenth of May, the security forces will meet to discuss whether the emergency regulations need to be retained."