30 Apr 2009

High ranking chiefs in Samoa jailed for arson

12:53 pm on 30 April 2009

Four high ranking chiefs or matais of Matautu Falelatai village in Samoa have been jailed after being found guilty in the Supreme Court of arson, wilful obstruction, threatening police and throwing objects.

The four accused, Lupematasila Fa'amanu Ivara, Lupematasila Saipani, Misa Gaga'e, and Nanai Siaki, had been described in the Court as the ring leaders in the burning down of a house belonging to a judge of the Lands and Titles Court.

The arson occurred three years ago.

The four mataiss have been sentenced to two years and three months in jail.

The fifth and the youngest accused, an 18 year old at the time of the incident, Filipo Fa'asavalu, a taule'ale'a or untitled man, escaped a jail term but has been put on probation for two years and will have to complete 350 hours of community work.