6 May 2009

Info technology American Samoa says it no longer needs exclusivity agreement

11:02 am on 6 May 2009

Information technology American Samoa says it no longer needs an exclusivity agreement with the American Samoa Governor.

The Company president Mark Hunsaker has written to Governor Togiola Tulafono to cancel the agreement which gave the company ten years to be the sole call center provider in American Samoa.

Mr Hunsaker explains the reason why their company is requesting the cancellation.

"Our intent was to make that that address or people who wouldn't operate properly or operate unethically they were not allowed into American Samoa, during the infancy of this industry, simply because the amount of investment you have to make, to get the industry developed down there, the risk is too great. So this point time is not necessary, we've got this thing far enough along and what with the government to make sure that thing is done properly."

Mr Hunsaker has confirmed that Senator Utu Abe Malae has been approached to head Info Tech American Samoa's operations in both American Samoa and Samoa.

The company president says they would like to have their beta test center up and running shortly after they are connected to the undersea fiber optic cable in June.