11 May 2009

Pacific news body wants strong stance against Fiji regime's extended media crackdown

7:50 pm on 11 May 2009

The Pacific Islands News Association condemns the latest crackdown on Fiji media.

Last week, the interim government extended its emergency regulations for another month, forcing the media to publish only stories that cast a positive light on the interim regime.

Two journalists were released from custody today after having been detained for two days for breaking the regulations.

The Association's president, Joseph Ealedona, says it's unheard of.

"PINA doesn't accept that. That has been happening in the last 30 days since the public order came in. It's all the same tactics by the interim regime to intimidate and put fear into our journalists."

Joseph Ealedona calls for a strong stance against the interim regime and its treatment of the local media.