12 May 2009

NZ contribution to Solomons education to continue, says McCully

9:52 pm on 12 May 2009

New Zealand's contribution towards education in Solomon Islands will continue under the new focus for NZAID.

This country is in a joint partnership with the European Union to ensure children in the Solomons receive a good basic education.

New Zealand's aid contribution has been refocussed from "poverty alleviation" to "sustainable economic development.

Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, says there will now be questions asked about how money is being spent:

"The message that we've given to NZ Aid is that we want to see value for money, that means while we tip a significant amount of money into the ministry in the Solomons that we want increasing attempt made to ensure that that money translates into services for people who are in bad need of those services."

New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully