14 May 2009

Methodist church Minister in Fiji expects to be taken into military custody

11:15 am on 14 May 2009

A Methodist Minister in Fiji says he is waiting to be taken into military custody because of statements the church has made opposing the actions of the interim government.

Reverend Manasa Lasaro says the church office has been informed by the military that he will be detained at an army camp.

He believes this is because of a statement the church issued last week.

"Because we restated the position of the church against the military junta and its dictatorship and we have been doing that since 2007."

Reverend Lasaro says this position was reiterated at the church's divisional meeting, along with a statement that the constitution had been thrown out by the military dictatorship.

He says he is not worried about being taken into custody as it is the cost the church must carry as it tries to bring about democracy and justice in Fiji.