19 May 2009

American Samoa's governor's trip to Kuwait now cancelled

8:42 am on 19 May 2009

Governor Togiola Tulafono's trip to visit American Samoan soldiers in Kuwait has been cancelled.

The Governor's Office issued a statment Monday night that the trip to Kuwait was cancelled late Friday.

The Governor departed the territory last Thursday for Honolulu and was to continue on to Kuwait through Washington DC.

But in a statement, the Governor he was informed late Friday by military personnel coordinating the trip to Kuwait City that it was cancelled because of problems with the country clearance for the group.

Governor Togiola said no further explanation was offered by the military personnel except to advise that they will be working on rescheduling the trip at another date.

The governor was schedueld to visit Kuwait with officials of the state of Hawaii and he was set to hold discussions with about 50 army reservists from American Samoa.

Governor Togiola has now departed for Washington DC to work on the fiscal position the Territory's facing with the expected closing of COS Samoa Packing.