21 May 2009

Samoa head of state to gift land and home to government

1:02 pm on 21 May 2009

Samoa's head of State, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, has decided to gift to the government of Samoa part of his estate.

20 acres of freehold land and a two-storey German model villa built in 1923 will be given to the government to be then placed into a trust.

The historical villa had been used during the pro-independence Mau movement which was led by several paramount chiefs and orators, including the head of state's grandfather, the late Ta'isi Nelson.

Tupua Tamasese Efi says his family supports his decision.

The head of state's house was renovated last year by the government at a cost of more than 200,000 US dollars, which is another reason prompting the gifting.