26 May 2009

ADB regional strategy needs to be consistent with Pacific Plan

11:28 am on 26 May 2009

Pacific developing member countries of the Asian Development Bank have called on the ADB to review its Pacific Strategy in line with the Pacific Plan.

The message came from the regional block at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors held in Bali, in Indonesia.

Speaking on behalf of the grouping, the Governor for Papua New Guinea, Patrick Pruaitch, commended the Bank for working towards a revised Pacific Strategy to better reflect the region's changing circumstances and unique needs.

He said the Strategy also needed to be consistent with the Pacific Plan.

Mr Pruaitch also called on ADB to consider support for relevant economic integration priorities mandated by Forum Leaders and Forum Economic Ministers.

These priorities include bulk fuel procurement, statistics, customs, labour mobility, and economic regulation.