26 May 2009

Australian and NZ investors in Fiji labelled naive

3:18 pm on 26 May 2009

Australian and New Zealand investors in Fiji have been labelled naive by Fiji-born New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan.

Mr Khan was previously accused of masterminding an assassination plot against Commodore Frank Bainimarama, but the charges were dropped.

He says the changes being introduced by the regime in Fiji do not just affect Suva, but everyone in the whole country.

Mr Khan believes that involves investors, including those developing resorts or running hotels:

"The real test is, all these people, investors in the tourism industry, will come when they are one the rough end of the stick and there are no institutions for them to run to it will be based on somebody's judgement. I think it is completely naive of them."

Mr Khan says the regime is destroying the fundamental and core institutions of Fiji.