28 May 2009

King of Tonga says political reforms two years away

3:35 pm on 28 May 2009

Tonga's King George Tupou the 5th says around two years is needed to deliberate on the proposed political reforms which will soon be submitted to Parliament.

Opening the 2009 session of the Legislative Assembly, he said he would like the reforms to begin with the House selecting the Prime Minister.

King George Tupou the 5th says, in light of the worldwide downturn, the Government will undertake to maintain economic growth, but he also says Tonga has managed to maintain a surplus in the past two years.

Additional funding is likely to set aside for health and education, while there would also be more investment in raising the country's ability to cope with natural disasters.

The Tonga Broadcasting Corporation reports the King also indicating the Government plans to establish a district government for the national capital, Nuku'alofa, in order to protect the people, their properties and various businesses.

Money is also being set aside for the economic development of the two Niuas.