1 Jun 2009

Solomons' NGO group worried at Government taking control of aid

1:49 pm on 1 June 2009

The umbrella body for non government organisations in Solomon Islands is concerned that aid money may be restricted by a new agreement to improve the government's management of international aid.

The Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination signed a two year agreement with the United Nations Development Programme last week.

That deal aims to assist the government in meeting commitments under the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, which requires it to take the lead in coordinating aid at all levels.

The General Secretary of the Development Services Exchange, Collin Rugebatu says he is concerned that NGOs will have limited access to the funding as the government may not see eye-to-eye with their plans.

"My only fear is if it's controlled by the government, then we, the non-state actors may not be able to have as much access to it as we would like to"

Collin Rugebatu from the Development Services Exchange.