3 Jun 2009

Lack of funding frustrates resettlement of Carteret Islanders on Bougainville

1:14 pm on 3 June 2009

A Papua New Guinea NGO, which is overseeing the resettlement of Carteret Islanders on Bougainville's main island, is seeking support from other sources after promised funding from the province's Autonomous Government failed to materialise.

For years the people of the Carterets have been wanting to move from their flood prone atolls and the first five families are due to move to Tinputz on Bougainville next month.

But Ursula Rakova of Tulele Peisa says land for about 100 families, or about 1,000 people, has been provided by the Catholic Church, though they need funding to assist the move, which is likely to take up to seven years to complete.

"It is mainly for the building of the homes, surveying of the land and some income generation to support the families."

Ursula Rakova of Tulele Peisa.

She is now in Port Moresby to seek backing from other sources.