3 Jun 2009

PNG urged to focus on tourism priorities

9:32 pm on 3 June 2009

The Vice President of the PNG Chamber of Commerce says the country needs to be more specific in marketing the country's hot spots and targeting the types of people it wants to draw in if it wishes to boost tourist numbers.

Michael Mayberry's call comes as the government prepares to launch its new PNG Tourism brand on Friday.

He also says some Papua new Guineans' reluctance to cater to visitors may be hindering growth in tourist numbers.

"We're not really sure if they want tourists here. See having tourists here changes your lifestyle. The thing is that some people here don't really want to be servants to tourists. They think that that might be demeaning whereas in Fiji many people see it as just as a job."

Michael Mayberry says the Ministry of Culture and Tourism must address these issues before the industry can grow.