4 Jun 2009

Fiji Law Society confident practices will stay

12:02 pm on 4 June 2009

The President of the Fiji Law Society says he does not believe lawyers who comply with the rules can legally be refused practising certificates under a new presidential decree.

Under the Legal Practitioners Decree, the issuing of practicing certificates will be transferred from the Law Society to the Chief Registrar.

All lawyers will also have to apply for new certificates by mid-June if they want to continue to practice law.

Fears have been raised that the interim government could use the decree to deny practising certificates to lawyers who have spoken out against it.

But the Law Society President, Dorsami Naidu, says ys he does not believe the decree gives them the legal power to do so.

"Anyone who has complied with the rules cannot be refused at this stage so if they start doing that then its a very sad day. We'll just have to wait and see. I hope they don't get that petty and I don't think they will."

Dorsami Naidu says he believes most lawyers in Fiji will apply for new practising certificates as their job is to provide legal services to the public.