5 Jun 2009

Fiji Media Council encourages open debate at AIBD conference

2:40 pm on 5 June 2009

The chair of Fiji's Media Council says he hopes local journalists will speak out at an upcoming broadcasting conference, although he says it's unfortunate they will be restricted in what they can report.

Daryl Tarte's comments follow confirmation from the interim government that the Asia Pacific Instititute for Broadcast Development conference will go ahead in Fiji next month.

Fiji's Permanent Secretary for Information, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni says Fiji journalists will be able to attend the conference.

But he says they must be aware that the emergency regulations are in place and report responsibly on the event.

Mr Tarte says the reporting restrictions are unfortunate, but he hope local journalists will take the opportunity to speak openly.

"I'm not happy about the restrictions being imposed, naturally. But its good for Fiji if such conferences are held and journalists are given the opportunity of standing up at the conference and expressing their opinions, and I hope they will be bold enough to stand up and do that, even there may be no publicity given to those comments."

The chair of Fiji's Media Council, Daryl Tarte