5 Jun 2009

Dismantling starts of American Samoa cannery

4:47 pm on 5 June 2009

The Samoa Packing cannery has begun dismantling equipment from its Atuu plant in American Samoa and putting them in containers to be shipped out.

Cannery employees said that some of the production equipment has been taken down over the last two days.

One female worker said the sight of the equipment being dismantled and put in containers really drove home the point that Samoa Packing is closing.

A cannery official confirmed that the equipment is being moved to Lyons Georgia but said that this is not going to interfere with the production schedule at the local plant.

The official said that Samoa Packing is still packing tuna five days a week and the closing date is still September 30.

The cannery employs just over 2,000 workers.