11 Jun 2009

Naming of New Caledonia vice president delayed

7:28 pm on 11 June 2009

New Caledonia is still waiting for a new government to be named - more than a month after the provincial elections.

Last week, the territorial congress elected the anti-independence Caledonia Together leader, Philippe Gomes, president for a five-year term but disagreements within the pro-independence camp have prevented the scheduled appointment of a vice president.

This means that a fresh meeting will be now called on Monday to name the vice-president and to allot the portfolios under the collegial government system prescribed by the Noumea Accord.

Portfolios are given to parties in proportion to the strength they have in Congress.

Among the politicians vying for the vice presidency is Dewe Gorodey who since 2001 has held the position under three different presidents.