12 Jun 2009

Quarantined Australians in Samoa await flu test results

2:05 pm on 12 June 2009

A group of 25 Melbourne schoolgirls and four teachers are in quarantine at a Samoan motel waiting for results confirming possible swine flu.

The Deputy Principal from Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School, Elizabeth Rhodes, says teachers got medical help when one girl became sick.

She says the group is now contained at the Welsey Motel in Apia after being tested for Influenza A H1N1 virus.

"Well obviously if our girls are away we want to be cautious about any kind of medical condition and so the staff did seek medical attention when the girl was feeling unwell. That was the point at which the Samoan medical authorities and department of health gave us the advice that they wanted some separation at that point."

Elizabeth Rhodes.

If the students' illness is confirmed it would be the first case of swine flu in Samoa.

The Australian students are reported to have been all well when they left Melbourne and they expect to get the test results later today.