13 Jun 2009

American Samoa shipyard company lays off workers

9:29 am on 13 June 2009

Twenty employees of the MYD Inc. in American Samoa were laid off yesterday because there's no work at the shipyard.

The shipyard was set to repair the government vessel MV Sili however the director of Port Administration Matagi Ray Mcmoore asked that the award to MYD Inc, be cancelled because there's no money to do the job.

The laid off workers represented 40 percent of MYD's workforce.

MYD President, Bob Weihe, said it was sad to have to notify workers that they are being laid but it could not be helped because they have no work for them.

The company did not schedule any boats to go on the slipway for this month as it was lined up for the overhaul to the MV Sili.

Mr Weihe said that they are trying to get some repair work and the employees laid off were told that they will be hired as soon as work is available.