15 Jun 2009

Deadline passes for Fiji lawyers to apply for practicing certificate

7:20 am on 15 June 2009

The Fiji Law Society says it is unsure how many lawyers in the country have applied for a certificate to practice law in Fiji.

Under the new legal practitioners decree, the issuing of these certificates have been transferred from the Fiji law society to the Chief Registrar of the High Court.

The deadline for lawyers to apply was meant to be today, but as it's a public holiday in Fiji, they had until the end of Friday to submit their applications.

The President of the Fiji Law Society, Dorsami Naidu, says he does know of some lawyers who will not reapply.

"I know that there are, who wish not to apply and practice up this regime, but we at the Law Society have left it up to individual members."

Dorsami Naidu says that regardless of the regime, lawyers are trained to represent the interests of the people, and he thinks most lawyers will be obtaining their practicing certificates so that they can do that.