16 Jun 2009

Lack of prosecution in CNMI stymies efforts to combat prostitution and illegal taxis

10:14 am on 16 June 2009

Police Commissioner in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Santiago Tudela, is worried by the lack of prosecutions following on from the arrest of people in connection with prostitution, loitering, and illegal taxi cab operations.

He said these were all crimes that affected the tourism sector.

The Commissioner says the the last time police undertook a sting operation they arrested 16 women for prostitution, but all of them have since been released.

In a meeting with members of the House Committee on Commerce and Tourism, Mr Tudela said the lack of prosecution not only defeats the law but also hurts the morale of police officers who made the arrests on probable cause.

the managing director of the Marianas Visitors Authority, Perry Tenorio, thanked the House Committee on Commerce and Tourism for taking a pro-active approach in addressing illegal activities especially in the tourist district of Garapan before they got out of control.