19 Jun 2009

Cook Islands government says new policy will give middle managers a chance

1:07 pm on 19 June 2009

The Cook Islands government says a policy preventing ministry heads and island secretaries from serving more than three consecutive terms will allow middle managers to move up.

It has been suggested that the policy, which Cabinet approved recently, is a result of its dissatisfaction with the performance of a number of ministry heads over the years.

It's also been suggested that it will give skilled people in the middle ranks an incentive to stay in the country rather than take jobs overseas.

The acting Minister for the Public Service Commission, Tangata Vavia, says the policy has been well-received.

"I think the only concern that has brought to my notice is what if you are the best person for that position. It could be that that person who has been there three consecutive terms may have been the best person and what does Cabinet think about it. I think that's an issue that the Prime Minister and Public Service have to address."

Tangata Vavia of the Cook Islands government.