22 Jun 2009

US Coast Guard has lifts ban on government vessel

6:48 am on 22 June 2009

The US Coast Guard has lifted its ban on the government vessel, the MV Sili.

Two weeks ago the US Coast Guard stopped the Sili from making any trips because its load line certificate had expired.

This has left the Manua islands without surface transportation for two weeks.

The US Coast Guard yesterday lifted its ban after a meeting with officials of Port Administration.

But the Coast Guard says the government must still come up with a plan for repairs to the MV Sili.

The Sili was set for drydocking at the MYD Shipyard however the government cancelled the work saying there was no money for the job.

MYD had earlier been awarded the contract to repair the Sili at a cost of more that US$650,000.

MYD has now sued the government for breach of contract and failure to negotiate in good faith.