22 Jun 2009

Measures to prevent land degradation maybe too late for Solomons

11:34 am on 22 June 2009

An environmentalist from the Environmental Concerns Action Network of Solomon Islands says although countries and territories in the pacific region are being urged to step up measures to combat land degradation, it may be too late for the Solomon Islands' forests.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community is calling on its members to take heed in embracing sustainable land development following World Desertification Day last week .

Solomon's environmentalist Dr Morgan Wairiu says desperate attempts have been made to slow down the country's excessive logging operations, however the problem is beyond fixing.

"Well the long term is land degradation which will have an impact on food production and it will have a greater impact on the human population. There will be fighting for unlimited land for food production, there will be arguing and fighting amongst ourselves."

Dr Morgan Wairiu says despite small scale replanting projects in place, the country is awaiting a major disaster to occur.