24 Jun 2009

Marketing and sponsorship need to be sorted Cooks Games organisers told

4:09 pm on 24 June 2009

The Pacific Games Council says it wants to ensure September's Pacific Mini Games in the Cook Islands enhance the event's brand.

The Council has raised concerns three months out from the start of the Games, but executive director, Andrew Minogue, says there is no threat that the event could be taken away from the Cook Islands.

He says on a visit last week the Council was impressed with the facilities and accommodation for the Games but is worried that some key elements such as broadcasting and sponsorship are yet to be finalised.

Mr Minogue says is critical to the Games success.

"For the Council, who owns the product, who owns the Pacific Mini Games and the Pacific Mini Games brand, we want to make sure the Games are on TV, they're supported by sponsors, so that as we go forward to the next Games in 2011 and beyond, we have got a product that people can see and identify with."