30 Jun 2009

Niue credit card glitches fixed says island's bank

3:06 pm on 30 June 2009

Business operators in Niue have been assured that the island's only bank, the BSP, will honour Visa transactions following delays due to technical difficulties.

The chairman of the Niue Tourist Authority Board, Hima Douglas, who also manages the Matavai Resort hotel, says they had had Visa payments from last week that, as of this morning, had not been cleared.

The Bank had claimed that despite a technical glitch it was still able to clear the Visa payments in the normal prompt way, but Mr Douglas disputes this.

He says the island is yet to get access to EFTPOS.

"So we have to get the old manual cards out, zap it and then get the authorisation from the Bank, but for some reason the Bank has been having problems getting that authorisation and we have been holding on to some our cards now for a week."

However, BSP Niue has now advised Mr Douglas that it would now accept all transactions and deal with the technical issues internally.