6 Jul 2009

Worship center church in Samoa to establish financial investment company

6:12 am on 6 July 2009

The Worship Center Church, originally established twelve years ago in Samoa, has been registered and granted a business license from the government to start a financial investment company.

The business project will be officially announced this week at the biannual meeting of the church held in Apia attended by more than 400 local and overseas delegates.

The founder and leader of the church, Pastor Viliamu Mafo'e, says the financial investment company has a board of directors who are church members.

The Worship center leader says only church members will invest their money in the company but there will be an opportunity for non members to be later considered in the near future.

Pastor Mafo'e says the financial investment business will benefit the church in funding projects, especially overseas missions, as well as helping followers of the Worship Center Church.

A new Christian television service by the church is scheduled to start broadcasting in August